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wow i remember watching this when i was 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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people are saying this one isnt good just because its so different from the others. they cant handle that you have moved on to different styles of animating. i like it a lot. and i think i like even more just cuz its so different

its k...

well same as what i said b4. they don't move around much. you need to make you guys have a "human feel" like if a real person was in a group of bad guys they all would not just stand there and let the guy kill his budies, hes gonna shot back. i think you also need to animate feet. i saw in your new one he did a bit but not much at all. it seems like the feet the body and the head are all on simple and it seems like you have all the bad guys on one or 2 layers, when you should have each bad guy in a separate folder and each body part on a separate layer. also since it wasn't that intense it seemed too long. it seemed to drag on with the same motion less killing as the scene b4 had. now im not trying just to trash your video and i know its old so you probably do better as of now but still. this is just a bunch of tips and things i thought you should fix.


Crazymonkey154 responds:

I understand. and yes, this was made a long time ago. I have gotten so much better since. and thanks for the review. also, the people will be far more active in the sequel. many other things will be different in that as well.

holy crap!

omg how did you make it all 3D? it was sooo cool. you do deserve first place man!


that was great. good animation, nice and smooth, good drawings, and it was funny too. and had some fighting


holy crap you made this? i found you on youtube and looked you up on this! holly crap this is so good! how long was it and how many frames. and how long did it take you to do this?

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Littleluckylink responds:

Ok that's it. Seriously I've said countless times that this shouldn't fucking be on youtube. God damn.
Thanks for your review, and letting me know someone stole my movie yet again without my permission.


well i dont really think it was very good. they dont move enoguh and its too slow. the real madness is waaaaay more fast paced. also dont use tween for everything. like it can be really good, but sometimes its just too slow


how did you make that with flash? it was good and apperently that takes a long time but i dont know. still very good stuff

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mattuiop responds:

UMMM! Its a stopmotion animation (Take a Picture By picture), the flash tweeks were only the prelaoder the the blood effects! before that, i used a seperate programme for the picture taking! then the flash tweaks!

Btw this took me half an hour to make!
Thanks anyway for the 10!

sorry... but no.

it was not great. the animation was not good. you need to work on it. but you know., its a good start

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it was pretty intense. but the animation was crap. you need to work on it. especially the feet

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